Booking rules Östersunds Camping

You will have access to the cottage/room from 15.00
You will have access to the campsite from 12.00

You have to check out from the cottage/room before 11.00
You have to check out from the campsite before 12.00

Your reservation becomes binding as soon as it has been confirmed orally or in writing by us. Please check that your confirmation is consistent with what you have booked.

Please contact the reception if you estimate that your arrival will be later than 20.00 during june, july and august otherwise your booking could get cancelled. Other periods you have to contact us before 16.00.


With cancellation protection
You can cancel your reservation until midnight, the day before arrival. We will refund the full amount except the cost of the cancellation protection.

Without cancellation protection
Cancellations or changes must be made 14 days at the latest before arrival, otherwise you will be charged for your entire stay. When booking 5 objects or more, cancellations or changes must be made 1 month before arrival at the latest, otherwise you will be charged for the full booking amount.

No refunds will be made if you have to cancel your stay here and leave earlier than expected.

You are responsible for cleaning the cottage/room before you check out. If you leave without cleaning the cottage/room a fee will be charged.

Smoking is prohibited in all of our cottages and rooms.

Pets are allowed in all of our cottages and apartments. Pets are prohibited in the rooms.

You must have a valid Camping ID to stay at our campsite.

If you have any complaints you must inform us as soon as possible, latest within 60 minutes after you’ve checked in. Errors that occur during your stay should be reported immediately so we have a chance to correct them. If we haven’t been able to solve your problems in a satisfactory manner you have the right to submit a complaint, but no later than 7 days after your departure.

You have to attend to your accommodation/campsite and follow the regulations. You are responsible for any damages that occur on the accommodation and/or equipment during your stay.

NOTE! We make reservations for misprints and price changes.